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Ed Rust is a Yorkshire-based British sculptor who constructs spindle-like bronzes which give a whimsical slant to sporting and other outdoor pursuits. Ed studied art at Batley Art College, and it was here that he discovered new ideas and found inspiration in the great artists around him.

Due to Ed's career in radio and TV, followed by freelance teaching, creative writing
..., computer art, video production and online book publishing, Ed no time to focus on his sculpture. With retirement, Ed has rekindled his passion for sculpting and working with his hands.

Ed’s primary concern is to represent animated rather than static figures, and he achieves this by exploring the ideas of proportion, stretching and manipulating parts of the sculpture into extreme positions until they seem to be mid movement. Despite their exaggerated lines and humorous attitudes, these quirky figures touch people by tapping into the shared experience of sprinting down the wing or being pulled almost off your feet by an over enthusiastic dog.

As a huge lover of Barbara Hepworth's sculpture, her modernist works have massively impacted Ed’s style. His dramatic artworks has been likened to the classic elongated figures of Alberto Giacometti, another great artists of the 20th century.

Ed Rust’s original characters are unique, made from wire and wood. Each one individually fashioned by his Ed's own hand.
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