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Edward Bawden was born on 10 March 1903 at Braintree, Essex, he was multidisplinary as a painter, illustrator and graphic artist, known for his prints, book covers, posters, and garden metalwork furniture. Bawden taught at the Royal College of Art, where he had been a student, worked as a commercial artist and served as a war artist in World War Two. He was a fine watercolour p...ainter but worked in many different media.

He illustrated several books and painted murals in both the 1930s and 1960s. He was admired by Edward Gorey, David Gentleman and other graphic artists, and his work and career is often associated with that of his contemporary Eric Ravilious.

Bawden served as an Official War Artist in the British Army during World War 2, travelling to Belgium, France and the Middle East. He produced mostly water colours at during this period with some of his paintings depicting the unique life led by the Marsh Arabs in Southern Iraq. Later during 1928, he was commissioned to produced the tiles for the London Underground that were exhibited at the International Building Trades Exhibition at Olympia in April 1928.

Bawden was more equipped to working with shapes as apposed to light. The linocut is a technique that lends itself to the creation of strong, simple forms - traits suited Bawden perfectly.

Bawden is today recognised as one of the most influential artists of his generation and is best-known for his commercial work for companies such as Twinings and Fortnum & Mason and he continued to work until his death at home on 21 November 1989.

Bawden's work can be seen in many major collections and is shown regularly at the Fry Art Gallery, Saffron Walden and The Higgins Art Gallery & Museum, Bedford. His notable surviving public works include a tile depicting a foot ferry on the River Lea, commissioned by London Underground and located on the Victoria line platform at Tottenham Hale station.

Bawden also produced the cameo-like silhouette of Queen Victoria located at Victoria underground station. An early map, produced in 1931 for Scarborough's Pavilion Hotel and presented to Scarborough Library when the hotel was sold, was recently restored and rehung in the library.The original Morley College mural that Bawden created in the 1930s was destroyed during a wartime bombing raid; however the rebuilt and relocated college on the South Bank contains a fine surviving mural by him. In 1965 Bawden completed a mural for Queen's University, Belfast.
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