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Edward Waite was born in Sheffield in 1989. Growing up in a seaside town on the east coast of Lincolnshire, Waite went on to study Fine Art at The University of Lincoln. After graduation he stopped painting completely and travelled the world for two years. His travels took him from Brazil to Australia and he referenced the places he visited through sketchbooks full of notes, dr...awings and ideas.

Upon his return, Edward started to turn his sketches and notes into larger pieces of artwork and soon developed his signature style. Since then Edward has become known for his vivid 3D cityscapes, inspired by his travels; each work perfectly captures the bright lights and constant rush of urban life, thanks to his bold, colour-filled technique; first inspired by ketchup bottles in a New York Diner!
Edward's artworks develop as he builds experience and relationships with each city he depicts; he believes he can create a direct and tangible feeling through this experience. Starting with drawings from his sketchbooks - which are filled with continuous marks, responding to his subject in a quick and portable way - he builds the ground for his 3D artworks. The process of walking and drawing, and the desire to keep repeating, makes Edward look more closely at his surroundings. Each page shows a single viewpoint, but collectively, when placed together they form a large composition, merging different versions of the same.
'It has been a swift rise to fame and success for the artist, who is not yet even 30, but he is potentially on his way to becoming one of the most renowned artists of his generation.' Arqadia, 4 Walls Magazine

His vast portfolio now consists of an array of different projects: a collaboration with a Saville Row Tailor, the new Edward Waite App and to encourage new talent by visiting schools around the country, where students can work with Edward and benefit from his experience.
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