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Now living and working in Bath, Edward's mobiles and kinetic sculptures explore ideas of fragility and strength as well as balance and resolution.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world and the human figure, his work is often suggestive of skeletal structures, in the abstract. There are clear references to Calder who provided a spark of inspiration in the artist.
The pieces have a sense of harmony, rhythm and progression and are intended to be enjoyed both as elegant, striking forms as well as objects for contemplation and meditation.

Whilst each sculpture outwardly appears to express a settled tranquillity, it actually relies for its existence on the internal tensions resulting from the pull of one part against every other in a kind of dynamic equilibrium.

As well as undertaking commissions, Edward’s work sells in galleries throughout the UK and he takes part in exhibitions with the Bath Society of Artists and in Open Studio networks.

Artist Statement:

I have no formal training in art, although my father was a painter who also taught fine art. Instead, I have a degree in philosophy from Bristol University.

I have always been interested in painting and drawing and began making simple mobiles as nursery decorations following the birth of my first son in 1997, but became interested in the more sophisticated sculptural possibilities of the form after seeing the work of Alexander Calder.

I draw a lot of my inspiration from animal and plant forms. The work is often suggestive of skeletal structures, usually in the abstract, though sometimes more clearly resembling particular plants or creatures. I often think of my sculptures as “suspended animations” lying at rest, waiting for a passing breeze to breathe life into them. They also have a sense of harmony, rhythm and progression which, I think, reflect my interest in music.
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