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Elena Topliss was born in the Ukraine and was raised in an artistic family. She was fortunate enough from the day of her birth, to be surrounded by artists and opera singers.

She has a BA Honors Degree in Fashion and Textile Design awarded by Kiev University. Dedicating many of her early years to the fashion industry she became involved in Ukrainian fashion shows exhibit
...ions dealing with TV and media on a regular basis. World Wide magazines published many of her designs.
With international representation, Topliss specialising in exceptional semi-abstract sea/landscape painting, abstract and unique floral painting. Her variation in styles differ in atmospheric mood, but all are made from using mix of traditional techniques and more unconventional painting methods.

Many years the artists life have been dedicated to fashion. Her experience in this field has given her an insight into this industry. This resulted in becoming involved in Ukrainian fashion shows and exhibitions dealing with TV and media on a regular basis. World Wide magazines published many of Topliss' designs. Although her background is in design, she has always had an interest in painting and this now continues to be a strong focus for her. She creates that finished artwork is abstract and more expressional than representational and they reveal her signature style
Found in private and public collections worldwide, Topliss aims to create artworks that are most definitely a painting, accomplished by using rich texture, multiple layers, brush and pallet knife marks.
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