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Emerging artist Emma Doig is a recent Fine Art honors degree graduate from Duncan of Jordanstone, University of Dundee. Her expressive work combines technical skill with great energy, resulting in fleeting images of the body in movement. She is an upcoming artist who works mainly with large-scale figurative oil painting.

“From within, emerge a multitude of experimental c
...ontouring and paintwork; the inner becomes the outer through intuitive mark making. Becoming Undone is a series of oil paintings that derived from my personal compulsion to feel unbound from confinement. The figure is captured in mid-air, suspended in a transient state; a flux of fleeting emotion. With a sense of weightlessness, the work communicates a metaphorical jump; caught in transition, the figure is leaping into the unknown.

This deep experience may lead to a whole new capacity and perception, even a shift in consciousness. Amidst each freeze-framed physique is a mix of movement and colour, turbulent yet serene. Working mainly with oil paint, I use alternative tools and techniques, leaving the outcome unplanned and spontaneous. The imagery was intentionally altered and borders on abstraction in order to emphasize the beauty and intensity of simply letting go.”

Doig was nominated for Saatchi Gallery’s NEW SENSATIONS Award for emerging artists; Most imaginative and talented young artists. She also had work selected to be a part of BBC‟s National Oil Painting Collection via „Your Paintings‟.
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