Endre Röder artwork for sale and artist biography

Endre Röder was born in Budapest in 1933. Between the age of two and fourteen he lived on the Mediterranean island of Malta.

Since 1949 he has resided in England. After completing his secondary education at St John’s College in Portsmouth he completed his National Service in the army, serving in Egypt and Cyprus. In 1954 he trained as a cartographical draughtsman with th
...e Ordnance Survey and in 1955 studied architecture, before abandoning this to become an art student and qualifying in 1960.

Endre subsequently taught art in secondary schools, polytechnics and colleges of further education before being appointed Education Services Curator with Sheffield City Art Galleries. He left this position in 1974 to lecture in art history at Bretton Hall (South Yorkshire) where he taught up to post-graduate level. Since 1988 he worked as a full-time painter with great success.

Endre's paintings are highly distinctive and readily recognisable, a valuable attribute few contemporary painters manage to achieve. Various influences are evident in his work including his Hungarian origins and early life in Malta.

Endre draws upon his wide knowledge and fundamental understanding of art, to create careful compositions with his trademark use of colour and sense of decoration.

Always figurative, his work can be from observation or imagination and mostly of female figures in wondrous interior or landscape settings. Recurring themes in Endre's paintings include a white horse or white doves.

Endre's magic is in his ability to capture the vulnerability, innocence and grace of women, whilst enlivening their characters with an intriguing deep sensuality. His woman fascinate us as they sit a gentle distance from the onlooker, never quite meeting the eye.

Endre's acrylic work is different, both in style and substance, from his oils. He says that in many cases he works out an approach to a subject in acrylic and subsequently imports these ideas into an oil painting. The acrylic is not, however, a sketch or a working painting. It stands on its own merits.

He has owned his own studio gallery in Sheffield and now lives and works in Swanage.
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