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Born in Poland, Ewa has been attracted to art since her childhood, she took drawing classes at first and then became interested in architecture and obtained a Masters Degree in the field after moving to England. After a career in architecture she devoted herself to oil and acrylic painting.
Ewa Adams is a landscape painter. Her painting is a contemporary take on Pointillism.
... She builds her images out of circles of pure colour juxtaposted next to one another. It is a slow, repetitive and meditation-like process. The result is a distinctive work of incredible freshness, vibrancy and luminosity. The humble landscapes are elevated, they glow with uplifting energy, they buzz with life. Her pallet is bright and bold, her understanding of the tone and colour interrelations is second to none. With paint she creates form, movement, sense of distance and light. She captures the beauty of the familiar world. Unremarkable becomes remarkable.

Ewa Adams now lives and works in Hampshire, where she regularly paints from her studio, creating her unique and vibrant paintings.

“I paint to understand; by painting I explain the world to myself. Light, the main subject of my art, is such a fickle matter. It often takes me weeks to capture a brief moment. The landscapes I picture are not imagined. I encountered them, I walked through them. I hope I can communicate the intensity and beauty of a moment once experienced and let others see the world through my eyes.”
Since making the shift from Architect to artist, she has regularly shown her work around South England, as part of group and solo exhibitions.
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