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Fabian Perez was born on November 2, 1967 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During his youth, Fabian was fascinated with martial arts and fine arts, dedicating himself to study both disciplines. Karate helped influence his character giving him great discipline as well as opening him up to other forms of art.
His father owned illegal nightclubs and bordellos. During his youth, Fab
...ian was exposed to extremely beautiful women who could seduce a man 'simply by lighting a cigarette'. It seems transparent that these women have influenced his seductive paintings, as they are exquisitly portrayed with respect in many of his originals and limited editions. It is no doubt that the artists childhood resulted in Perez seeking comfort in the romantic ideal of life, which is the heart and soul of his art.
Fabian’s powerful and virtuosic oil paintings have won him international acclaim. The artists reputation and the monumental impact of his artworks have done much to established him as one of the most interesting figurative artists on the contemporary scene. Fabian Perez paints the passionate rhythms of the Tango, the staccato beat of Flamenco, the sensuality of a love affair, the fleeting glance and the cool mood of a solitary drinker.
Fabian Perez has become one of the worlds most widely collected figurative artists and Now based in Los Angeles, Fabian Perez paints with emotion and devotes his life to inspiring others with his painting and writings.
Fabian does not categorise his style, as he does not want to limit himself or his paintings. His practice is simply the passionate expression of his romantic feelings, inspired the meditative state of mind the artist finds himself in as he works, and the purity of his creativity flows.

The artists grand success has led to his acknowledgment in his homeland of Argentina, with a rare government funded public exhibition for the nation. This was a huge tribute to the internationally acclaimed fine artist who has brought credit to his country. Following on from being one of the official artists for the 2012 Olympics, Fabian Perez was awarded artist of the year by the Academy of Artists in Italy and named as official artist to the 2010 Latin Grammy Awards.

We are honoured to welcome Fabian Perez to the gallery annually for a personal appearance and are one of the leading stockists of his original paintings globally. If you are interested in purchasing one of his original artworks, please contact the gallery for availability.
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