Felicity Keefe artwork for sale and artist biography

Felicity Keefe has exhibited in galleries throughout the UK, abroad in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris and Singapore, and at all of London’s major Art Fairs.

Her contemporary landscape pieces are inspired by her experience of the British landscape as it changes and reacts to seasons, weather and time. She is inspired by a blending of traditional landscape, literature and pe
...rsonal mythology. Her work is distinctive for it’s sense of atmosphere, often brooding, but also starkly beautiful.

From random marks, a recognisable landscape emerges. Keefe’s approach to her practice is partly intentional and partly spontaneous, resulting in landscapes which mirror freedom. Her landscape paintings are distinctive for their speed, movement and for the unique technique used by the artist. Some of Keefe's paintings display a state of flux in the landscape, representing the change from day into night, summer into winter, outward into inward.

Keefe's work has become widely collectable with corporate collectors including Ernst and Young, Elizabeth Arden, Midland Bank PLC, West Sussex Health Trust and Cambridge University. In addition to corporate collections, Keefe's work appears in private collections in the UK, Holland, France, Switzerland and the USA.

Felicity currently lives and work in Bath.

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