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Frank Schroeder was born to a French mother and a West African father gaining a unique ethnicity spanning continents and divergent cultures.

His family moved to the Ivory Coast where he suffered through the First Ivorian Civil War. In 2004, his gallery in the Ivory Coast was ransacked in the aftermath of the revolt and all his pieces were destroyed. He found solace study the philosophy, literature and artwork of the 19th and 20th centuries. He retreated to an inner creative world he describes as “dark and sometimes near death.”

It is these experiences that have driven Frank to create work inspired by mythology, reflection on human nature, philosophy, religion, poetry and the reflection about who we are and why we do what we do. His artwork often focused on revisiting classical and philosophical themes that have built our cultural and artistic identity, while developing a contemporary vision of these subjects.

Most recent work tells intricately woven stories of biblical themes and personal experience blended with psychological and emotional confessions. He says: "For my part, a painting should not be a simple illustration on canvas. Each painting must tell its viewer a story. I want my viewers to experience the 'Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.' I want the viewer to go through the proverbial mirror in order to get to the other side of my painting and live in my work as part of the story."

Done in a scale typically reserved for historical painting, Frank's work is fast, responsive and instinctive, featuring an array of mixed media, acrylic, pastel and even spray paint. His modernistic use of line combined with energetic colors and evocative Neo-expressionist style is layered with a uniquely patterned use of numbers and type that capture the gaze and encourage new experiences each time the work is examined.

His work has often been compared to that of Picasso and Basquiat by a number of art critics.
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