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García de Marina was born in Spain in 1975; however, it wasn't till 2010 that Garcia began developing his passion for photography.

This marked the beginning of a sparkling career characterised by photographic reflection. In less than a year, he unveiled his rare photographic gaze and began presenting his work in various exhibitions in Spain as well as internationally.
De Marina uses the everyday object in expressive ways to produce visually provoking photographs. His photography is deeply irreverent with reality. It seeks to transform and stamp objects with new identities; it challenges the obvious, and pays heed to the grandeur of the everyday.

The bareness of his photography endows objects with a leading role, while they are stripped of their essence, ready for reinvention that seeks and tells a story. De Marina does not carry out any photographic manipulation on the images. From the minimalist perspective, the inventiveness of his gaze lays claim to another reality.

Though de Marina, touches on and can be influenced by subjects of economic and social issues and crisis, he does not title works, deliberately to leave the viewer free for their own interpretation. 'From observation we may create, from imagination we may innovate'.

In 2015 de Marina was one of the chosen ones, by the Spanish Embassy, to participate in the "Photo Week Washington D.C.". In 2017, the Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla León in Spain (MUSAC) selected three of his pieces for the "Constellations" exhibition, experimental poetry in Spain (1963-2016), where for the first time, the presence of visual and experimental poetry in Spain from the 1960s to the present was addressed. Following this, in 2018 he was invited to his work at the Barjola Museum, alongside Joan Brossa, one of Spain's most important visual poets at the exhibition, 'Dialo2’.

Recently he has participated in photographic festivals internationally, including Photo Romania, Photometria in Greece, Festival of Light in Argentina, Bucharest Foto Week, Addis Foto Fest in Ethiopia, Uppsala Foto Festival in Sweden and Yangon Photo Festival in Myanmar (2018).


  • “Innocents” – Yangon Photo Festival – Yangon – Myanmar – 2018.
  • “Diálo2” – Joan Brossa y García de Marina – Barjola´s Museum – Spain – 2018.
  • “Nimius” – Upplandsmuseet – Uppsala Foto Festival – Sweden – 2017.
  • “Nimius” – Addis Foto Fest – Ethiopia – 2016.
  • “Seven Deadly Sins” – Bhucarest Photo Week – Romania – 2016.
  • “Nimius” –Festival Photography of the Light –Argentina –2016.
  • “Nimius” – Palace of Quintanar – “Festival Photography SegoviaFoto” – Spain – 2016.
  • “Poesía de lo Prosaico” – Photo Romania Festival – Romania – 2015.
  • “Niminus” – Art Gallery Viki Blanco – Spain – 2015.
  • “Inusitada Realidad” – Center Portalea (Éibar) - Spain – 2014.
  • “Inusitada Realidad” – Museum of Steel of Asturias – Spain – 2014.
  • “Inusitada Realidad” – Art Gallery Mediadvanced – Spain – 2014.
  • “Poesía de lo Prosaico” –Auditorium Prince Felipe- Spain - 2013.
  • “Insospechada Cotidianidad” – Center of Culture Antiguo Instituto – Spain – 2012.
Recent group exhibitions

  • “Twelve artists ten cities” - .M Contemporary – Sydney - Australia - 2018
  • “Fantastic 4” – Blueríder Art Gallery – Taipei – Taiwan – 2018.
  • “Canada’s 150th Birthday” – Gallery 133 – Toronto – Canada – 2017.
  • “Constelaciones” History of the Poetry Visual in Spain (1963-2016) – Center of Contemporary Creation of Andalucia C3A - Spain – 2017.
  • “Five Senses” – Museum Barjola – Spain – 2017.
  • “Der Blaue Reiter” – Blueríder Art Gallery – Taipei – Taiwán – 2017.
  • “Constelaciones” History of the Poetry Visual in Spain (1963-2016) – MUSAC - Museum Contemporany Art of Castilla y Leon - Spain – 2017.
  • “Parallel Voices” – International Festival Photography Photometria y PhotoRomania Festival – Romania – 2016.
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