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Born in1965 in Birmingham, Gary Benfield studied art first at Stourbridge College of Art and then at Wrexham College of Art. During 1986, Gary became a professional freelance illustrator; he went on to set up his own studio near London and concentrated on drawing and painting figures.
Since moving to a rural of Ireland, Gary has built a close relationship with the beauty of
...the surrounding countryside and inspired a great love and respect for the natural world.
Gary is quickly becoming one of the country’s most renowned contemporary voices, known equally for both his virtuosity and his versatility.
Gary Benfield's paintings include sophisticated juxtapositions of subjects from figurative to equestrian, presenting a magical and whimsical image. With collectors from the UK to the US, Benfield's admirers are truly global.
His work seems to represent a world of objects which combine figures, mythology, cities, nature, and still life. His artwork is characterised by style and technique rather than by subject. The artists technique as a draughtsman compels us to look at the world differently. Multiple perspectives are subtly merged together, views are transformed and transfused with a multitude of colours, textures and tones.

Working initially from life, Gary Benfield is able to capture the essence of the subject by initially sketching and photographing before committing the oils to canvas.
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