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Gary Stranger is a UK based artist, who has been on the street art scene since 1996. The artist's graffiti typography is far reaching and has guided his aesthetic throughout his career. His success has lead to his key position as part of the legendary MSK group, he has become one of the most sought after graffiti artists of today.

He was first exposed to art by his mothe
...r, watching her draw freely whilst on the phone. He was amazed at how she would draw with effortlessness and unconsciously. Inspired by his mother, he studied art and graphics through school and at college. However despite his interests in art, he never attended a prestigious establishment for higher education and pursued art with little conviction. In many respects, Stranger is a self taught artist, as his passion for graffiti was discovered later in life.

Strangers work is characterised by clean lines, flat colours, and textured backgrounds. His practice is reminiscent of 1920s Art Deco type paired with modern minimalism. Through his minimal types he explores 3-dimensionally. His artworks consist of a single words or phrases, usually placed in derelict spaces. He makes the conscious decision to give each piece space as he wants his words to have the room to breathe.

He has quickly become one of the big names in the UK street art and graffiti scene. His preciseness and skill stands him aside. Focusing chiefly on typography, his type is always stunningly executed, resulting in imagery that’s almost impossible to believe it’s created free-hand.

His use of bold colours and sharp edges makes his work, both in on walls and in the gallery space, sets him aside as one of the most exciting graffiti artists out there
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