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Gerry Halpin MBE MAFA is an award winning contemporary artist from Lancashire and is currently the President of the Manchester Academy of Fine Artists.

Gerry's work reflects his interests in the landscape and abstraction. He calls himself a landscape painter and indeed likes to work outdoors in the traditional way, but now also explores a new perspective - looking at the
... landscape from above. He is interested in recording his view whilst flying above the landscape, either in a light aircraft from Barton Airport or from larger planes taking him abroad.

Of his recent work of semi-abstract aerial landscapes he says:

"Seeing the world from above rather than being in it and looking across, brought an exciting new challenge in ways of observing and recording the landscape. Looking down on the world meant that I could see the ordinary features of a landscape in an extraordinary way and I had to find new methods of painting in order to represent that new perspective.

Time is of the essence and drawings have of necessity to be done quickly done. They are kind of a shorthand of what is seen in a fairly fleeting moment and as such the result the results are interpretive rather than factual. The whole scene is reduced to its linear content where the roads become lines, buildings are mathematical shapes and woodland is an amorphous area. My particular visual concerns are looking at places where different geological aspects meet, especially where the sea confronts land. Here there can be dramatic excitement, when the sea crashes on rocks or a calm when the ebbing tide gives way to warm flat sand.

Acrylic paint offers the versatility I need to reconstruct those landscapes and, where there is a need for extra texture I use permanent resin based plaster.To enhance the glow of reflected light I use pure gold leaf which sometimes seems to be absorbed into the painting and at other times shine out, giving the work an extra dimension.

These unique paintings, which I thoroughly enjoy creating, have opened up new areas of success for my artistic career. New collectors, prestigious exhibition venues and winning major prizes, have all encouraged me to continue developing this work."

In 2010 Gerry was awarded an MBE for services to 'charity and art'. He was awarded the Menena Joy Schwabe Memorial Award for Outstanding Painter at the R.O.I. in 2015 and in the same year has been highly acclaimed by the Royal Society of Marine Artists, whose president felt that Gerry Halpin was bringing a fresh dimension to the art of marine painting.

Gerry has had many solo exhibitions and has exhibited at the Royal Academies, Laing Landscape Exhibition in Salford; The Mall Galleries in London; Bolton Art Gallery; Tib Lane Gallery in Manchester; British Society of Painters in Ilkley; Barry Keene Gallery in Henley and the Warwick Gallery in Maidenhead.
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