Gin Durham artwork for sale and artist biography

Gin Durham has a 1st Class degree from Bucks New University and has been making her wonderful, quirky and imaginative ceramics since 2011.

The inspiration for Gin's ceramic work stems from traditions of storytelling and nursery rhymes. Taking these stories she translates their treasured tales into figures and stoneware sculptures.

“Since I can remember, I hav
...e been fascinated by stories and how they have endured the test of time, repeated by generations. My hope is that my work in turn, will have the power to trigger associations, images and stories in the mind of the viewer.”

Gin’s material choice of clay as a medium is an extension of her drawing and illustrating practice; one informs the other. Her hands draw and shape the clay to represent fluid forms based on anatomically correct studies, though creativity enhances and exaggerates detail in the work.

“Clay is such a wonderfully expressive material and lends itself to exploring emotional connections with storytelling. Ceramic for me is a new, exciting and rewarding material, one with which I hope to forge a lasting relationship, alongside my firm grounding of mixed media and graphic techniques.”

The pieces are hand built from stoneware and porcelain clays, often incorporating textile impressed elements. Gin works with engobes and underglazes, and finishes with transparent glaze and lustres or cold worked metals.

For a number of years Gin worked in many different guises: as a designer, project manager and artist and in many different medias - now she focuses on her ceramics craft and is a member of the Craft Council – National Register of Makers, The Society of Designer Craftsmen – MSDC, Handmade in Britain and an Associate Member of the Craft Potters Association.
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