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Glynne was born and raised in Hertfordshire, where he started painting and exhibiting his work. He now lives and works in Lincolnshire and this fascinating landscape has become his focus. Although the artist and his family moved to Boston some years ago, he still actively to pay homage to the Lincolnshire landscape and the fens, which continue to be a massive inspiration in his... fleeting landscapes.

The temporal approach is the essence of Glynne’s work and results in highly stylised canvases, each painting approaches the landscape in terms of its changes, not as individual paintings but upon the same canvas, strips of fenland character displayed as a coherent whole. On occasions the adjacent strips are subtly differentiated, as if moving from one minute’s observation to the next, on others, the changes are sudden and startling; a field of wheat becomes a sea of plastic, a distant shape becomes a blazingly lit power station. Landscape which may appear featureless to the casual observer is presented with its components highlighted.
Sometimes landscape paintings may seem overplayed and old fashioned, but Glynne gives this theme a new life and meaning. Through each of his paintings, the fleeting expression of the same landscape, appears numerous times in one unique display. However, the changes in colors and atmosphere is presented in unison, at the hand of the artist. When the spectator observes the paintings, they gets the impression that they are moving with the landscape through time, as the changes are so unanticipated and surprising. The painting seems to move through the light changes which occur during days and seasons, emulating a sense of movement that is rare to achieve in landscape paintings.
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