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Born in 1959, and raised in a small seaside hotel on the South Coast of England, Gordon Ellis-Brown graduated in Graphic Design and Typography.

From a childhood shared with tourists, to his later travels in California and New Mexico, Ellis-Brown's experiences have inspired him to seek the common ground by revealing fundamental truths in conflicting beliefs and cultural t
...raditions. He is now emerging as an artist of rare talent and vision, breaking new frontiers using Native American rock art symbolism as a central component to his work.

“Art is all about connecting us with what is beyond our immediate consciousness. These ancient symbols hold a highly potent life-force that is intrinsic to bringing a fresh perspective to our lives today, their free spirit taking us on a unique and personal journey.”

He draws on his graphic design roots, using iconic imagery, immersive colour and symbolism to create artwork which opens a dialogue between ancient history, pop culture, space science and how he views the future of planet earth.

His inspirations are wide-ranging, but during his childhood, the Apollo space missions and the iconic western movies were indelibly etched onto his mind, a form of escapism, but the extraordinary and unworldliness also captured his imagination - planets, alien visitations, cowboys and indians. These are represented in the series described below.

With an acute sense of colour, Gordon meticulously builds layers of acrylic or gouache paint on natural fibre papers to achieve the pure, vivid intensity of flat colour which is one of the hallmarks of his work - a process that takes between two and three weeks to complete each individual piece.

Using conventional painting techniques, combined with original photography, found imagery and mixed media, Gordon will limit his paint palette to a maximum of three colours per work, drawing focus to the raw energy of the symbol. While in many cases the meaning of the symbol has been lost over the generations, Gordon retains the exact original graphic representation of the symbol in each of his works.

He has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad, with his work having been shown regularly at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. His work is held in private collections throughout the world and he is a member of the Newlyn Society of Artists.

Soul Shaker Series:

Whilst spending time in California, Arizona and New Mexico, Ellis-Brown became immersed in the creativity and spirituality of the native Indian culture. Their humility and close connections with the earth was a fascination, and for him, was in direct contrast to the romance, anarchy and violence disseminated in 20th century Wild West stories and iconography.

Final Frontier Series:

A visual discourse covering aspects of modern day space exploration, ancient marks of indigenous people and a play on our relationship with the universe.

Through Ellis-Brown's work in Final Frontier, we see connections between deities, transfixions with ancient gods and a modern day idealism. With his treatment of aligning varying mediums of paint, pigments, metallics and photography, his work reveals parallels between astronauts and the early pioneers who discovered and claimed new lands. The humour that creeps into his work, lays bare a fragility and precociousness forever evident in human endeavour.
Selected Exhibitions:

  • 2018: Chapel House Gallery, Penzance
  • 2018: Angus Hughes Gallery, London
  • 2018: The Other Art Fair (curated by Saatchi Art), London
  • 2018: NSA on View, Tremenheer Gallery, Penwith
  • 2018: The Other Art Fair (curated by Saatchi Art), Brooklyn, NYC
  • 2017: Newlyn School of Art Mentoring Show, PZ Gallery, Penzance
  • 2017: Come Rain Come Shine, Beaux Arts Gallery, Mayfair, London
  • 2017: ‘Ten Years On’, Porthminster Gallery, St Ives
  • 2013: ‘465 Sunflowers 2’, Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London

  • International Echo Award in Graphic Design
  • IBM Bursary for Creativity in Photography
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