Graham Eatough and Stephen Sutcliffe

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Graham Eatough and Stephen Sutcliffe artwork for sale and artist biography

The artwork of Graham Eatough and Stephen Sutcliffe was made in collaboration with The Whitworth for the visual exhibition No End to Enderby.

Two films, made collaboratively by Glasgow-based artist Stephen Sutcliffe and theatre director Graham Eatough, invite the viewer into the world of Mr Enderby, often considered the greatest literary figure to come from the
...mind of A Clockwork Orange author Anthony Burgess.

Enderby is a poet, and also Burgess’s alter ego. The first film depicts a school trip, visiting from another time to study and assess the trappings and worth of Mr Enderby in his 1960s apartment. The second film, a further feat of time travel and literary investigation, shows a young literary historian from the future on a mission to meet Shakespeare and interrogate him about the veracity of his writings.

The woodblock relief print takes on a very specific meaning through exploring the artist as a cultural figure and raising ideas around authenticity and posterity by linking theatrical performance and irreverent humour.

Glasgow based artist Stephen Sutcliffe (b.1968, Harrogate) creates film collages from an extensive archive of British television, film, sound, broadcast images and spoken word recordings which he has been collecting since childhood.

Graham Eatough is a theatre maker who also works in visual arts and film. Having co-founded Suspect Culture Theatre Company in 1992, Graham was Artistic Director and Chief Executive. During this time Graham directed and occasionally performed in fifteen productions for the company which gained an international reputation for high-quality, innovative new work.
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