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Born in 1987, accomplished print maker Guy Allen grew up surrounded by Norfolk’s natural beauty. The theme of the animal world is central to Guy’s work and inspiration, and his limited edition etchings showcase his brilliant draftsmanship in a contemporary way.

Guy discovered his passion for print making during his time in Paris studying at the École Nationale Supérieure
... Des Beaux-Arts in 2010, when he became particularly fascinated with the traditional etching process.

After graduating from Central St Martin’s School of Art in 2011, Guy trained as an assistant print maker at the highly respected Curwen Studios, Cambridge, under Mary Dalton and Stanley Jones, where he mastered other types of printmaking.

Guy takes this knowledge of multiple techniques and combines them to great effect, marrying classic elements with the more contemporary. For example combining the screen printing process (think Andy Warhol) with hand-drawn etchings, Guy has developed a series of striking equine images that are both academic and playful in one. His beautifully detailed, illustrative etchings, have a classic, antiquated feel, yet with layers of bold abstract colour, immediately a vibrant pop-print aesthetic is achieved.

The horse is the subject of many of his most recent editions. He says "The horse is one of the oldest depicted animal forms: its musculature and contours have long intrigued artists, who have rendered this subject matter in almost every medium possible. Here, I have brought together a traditional technique – etching – and a timeless subject matter, twinned with a contemporary twist."

In 2013 and 2014 Guy had his work selected and exhibited in the prestigious Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London.He has exhibited internationally in Dubai and New York, and is popular at London's major art fairs. His work is housed in private collections in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Today Guy works as a full-time artist in his Peckham studio and prints at respected Artichoke Printmaking Studios, accompanied by trusty wirehaired dachshund, Loaf.
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