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Hashim Akib was born 1967 in England. After leaving University, Hashim started working as an illustrator in the UK for over 15 years. He gained valuable experience in developing a foundation of drawing, conceptual ideas and various painting techniques which hold influence in his current practice.

The artist paints in a heavy impasto style that creates a sense of dynamic
...movement and vitality to his subjects that include landscapes, portraits, buildings and animals. He starts from a coloured ground that sets off the overpainting that follows, bringing everything forward as a result thus giving realistic depth to areas of light and shade. Hashim believes in the importance of dramatising his scenes by creating colour layers, giving depth and texture.

'As far back as I can remember I’ve always painted, encouraged as a child by parents who nurtured creative thinking. Through my own stubborn resolve I never resorted to a proper job and continued painting as a career and lifestyle.

Having left Art College I pounded the streets of London with an A1 portfolio full of life drawings. It soon became apparent I was completely unprepared and spent the following six months working on more commercial work. I soon received illustration commissions from broadsheet newspapers, magazines and design firms.

After years of tight deadlines, demanding national and international clients I fancied more of a challenge and started running a couple of art workshops and demonstrating art techniques around the UK. With whatever time I had left I developed my own paintings for exhibitions.

I approached a couple of galleries with the new work, the first of which shot my paintings down in flames. At the time I was devastated but I really believe constructive criticism helps you progress and develop as an artist. I went back to the gallery the following week with five new paintings all of which were accepted and sold within the first month of being exhibited.

Since then I haven’t looked back, in 2005/07 I won the Society for All Artists Professional Artist category and in 2009 I won the SAA Artist of the Year. I regularly exhibit with the Institute of Oil Painters at the Mall Galleries, I am a gallery represented artist, I’ve completed an art DVD for System 3 with Daler-Rowney and my first book called ‘Vibrant Acrylics’ is published in 2012 by Search Press.

My style has changed over the years from extremely detailed paintings to a much bolder, freer, impressionistic approach. I realised having worked in a highly detailed way the method was all about obsession and nowadays it’s definitely all about the passion.

My client list varies from The Times Newspapers, Daily Express, Daily Mail, Time Magazine, Ad campaign for Smirnoff, a stamp for the Royal Mail and concepts for a product range for W H Smith.

Over the last few years I have been keen to explore my own ideas and evoke a greater emotional response in my paintings. Contrasting flecks of colour, heavy textural paint and expressive brush strokes combine to bring greater depth and mood to each painting.

I am inspired by everyday images around me. Recently I painted a series of paintings various cities as well as in and around the Notting Hill Carnival.'


1987 Highly Commended, Cadbury's Young Artist of the Year

2000 Braintree Summer Open, Hannay Award

2001 Braintree Summer Open, Braintree District Council Award

2005 International Artist Publication, 'Favourite Subjects'

2005 Winner SAA Professional Artist 05

2006 The Artist, Patchings 06 Competition

2006 Winner SAA Best Animal/ Wildlife category

2007 Highly Commended SAA Townscape category

2007 Winner SAA Seascape category

2007 Winner SAA Professional Artist 07

2007 Third Prize, Artist & Illustrators Self Portrait Competition

2008 Winner SAA Best Abstract category

2008 Beecroft Summer Open, Winner Best Oil

2009 Winner SAA Artist of the Year 2009
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