Heidi Koenig artwork for sale and artist biography

We have seen the most vibrant and stimulating use of colour in Heidi Koenig's work over the time that we have been lucky enough to display them in the gallery.

Heidi was brought up and educated in Germany but was first introduced to printing through her grandfather who produced many woodcuts and linocuts.

As a child she was fascinated with the various printing tec
...hniques and all the different tools that were used but today she works on her own prints in a very spontaneous way, using the etching plate as a drawing board, and then colouring every print by hand with many of the key details being added after they have been through the press.

Heidi's inspiration comes largely from travel, having come to Britain after travelling around Australia and South East Asia. She still makes regular trips overseas, taking inspiration from new landscapes and different cultures.

Since completing her studies at Brighton and the Slade School of Fine Art, Heidi has received numerous awards and commissions for her work. Her monotypes, etchings and paintings can be found in public and private collections all over the world.
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