Helen Davies artwork for sale and artist biography

Helen Davies (b. 1993) is a Manchester based artist known for her stunning drawings of the human form, complimented with gold leaf.

Helen's work employs pastel, graphite powder and pencil to create realistic depictions of the human body, in an attempt to represent the honest beauty therein and encourage a feeling of confidence. Whilst the details within her work are soft
..., Helen often includes golf leaf to direct a feeling of strength and value, due to the desire for her work to exude the strength and value that the human form holds.
Throughout her life, Helen has always been fascinated with drawing, specifically using pencils and paper to create her interpretations of the world. Her artwork has always depicted people, an interest cultivated during her time studying at Liverpool School of Art and Design, when focused much of her work on the human form and the details visible upon skin.

Helen was selected as the winner of the Greater Manchester Arts Prize in 2017, and has since exhibited across the North West. Her works are held in private collections across Europe.
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