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The surprising subject of Helen Rawlins work, crockery.

Whilst inherently, they become metaphors for our relationship or interaction with everyday objects. Playing with ideas of repetition and rearranging, Rawlins uses the same objects over and over, combining them into paintings and drawings that shift perspectives and reveal the material poetics of the mundane.

...Examining differences in the way paint behaves on surfaces - canvas, board or paper - she is trying to control, to a certain extent, the uncontrollable fluidity of the paint on the surface.

Helen Rawlins studied Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art (BA Hons 1st class). Her work has been included in the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition; The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition; National Open Art Competition and the Jerwood Drawing Prize. She continues to live and work in London. In addition to her own work, she assisted international artist Terry Smith with art projects that have been held at the ICA and BFI in London including photographic documentation of his performances in London and the Venice Biennale.


  • Jan 2018 - Abode, Little Venice, London
  • June 2017 - It’s Still Life, solo show, Sawmills, Earlsfield
  • Nov 2016 - ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, Mall Galleries
  • Sep 2016 - The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, Mall Galleries (touring exhibition)
  • Dec 2015 - Oil & Water Gallery, Wandsworth
  • Sep 2014 - National Open Art Competition, Embankment Gallery, Somerset House
  • Oct 2014 - Oil & Water Gallery, Wandsworth
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