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Helena Denholm is a recent graduate of Fine Art Painting at University Centre St Helens. Graduating with First Class Honours she was nominated from art schools across the entire North West as one of the top emerging talents and featured in arts magazine The Double Negative.
Helena Denholm articulates an interest in the body as landscape, the transience of flesh; how it adap
...ts and responds to lived experience, underpinned by an investigation of what happens when the digital encounters the analogue.

Naturally occurring, colour-scapes are photographically pixelated, before being carefully choreographed into new painterly forms. The translation of pixelated digital images into paint, is a technique which Helena believe "puts digital under pressure. Painting introduces uncertainty in an autonomous and rigid system. Non-mechanical remediation attempts to mix and match colour, create compositional equivalence, and by the nature of this process, it inevitably fails."

This approach to image making, therefore, generates difference. The material manifestation of the play of difference emerges in the differentiation of copy from original.

Her latest series of paintings investigate distortion of the square in both the physical form and the painted image. The edges of these ‘Warped’ sculptural paintings become the focus as the surface plane employing trompe l'oeil, visually alluding to a flat surface.
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