Henrietta Dubrey artwork for sale and artist biography

Dubrey's work is strongly influenced by the Constructivism and lyrical Abstraction of the St Ives School ‘mid generation’ of artists, Dubrey’s art transcends pure formalism and encompasses a depth of autobiographical and emotional response. Spontaneity is key in her work, with the unpredictability of outcome providing a drive to create.

Born in 1966, Dubrey grew up at t
...he foot of the South Downs. She attended Wimbledon School of Art and the Royal Academy Schools receiving a postgraduate diploma from the latter in 1992. A subsequent spell of five years in Normandy was followed by a move to west Cornwall to fully immerse herself in the artistic heritage of the area that has always been a vital inspiration to her creative process.

Dubrey's work was the first to be shown in London’s leading Scandinavian design store Skandium as part of their artists
showcase series in 2011, which in turn led to her paintings being used on the set of the BBC’s BAFTA Award winning 20th anniversary ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ programmes, broadcast over Christmas and New Year 2011-12 and to coincide with the 2012 Olympics.

She lives with her husband and three children and works from her studio at her home near St Just in Penwith, west of Penzance.
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