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Henry Mee was born in 1955 and studied Fine Art at the University of Leeds awarded a place by Professor Sir Lawrence Gowing, graduating in 1979.

On 23 May 1990 Arts Minister Richard Luce MP opened Mee's one man show British Eminencies: Portraits of our Age at Sotheby's London and unveiled his portrait of HM The Queen Elizabeth II. As well as The Queen, Mee has had the h
...onour of painting other Royals such as HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, HRH The Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales.

Prime Ministers Thatcher, Wilson and Home, and Billionnaire industrialists such as Hans Rausing and Sir Richard Branson have sat for Henry Mee. Cultural arbiters including Presidents of the Royal Academy, and figures like Sir John Mills and Sir Paul Smith have formed part of the most magnificent cast of sitters over a quarter century.

Henry Mee's paintings have shown in one man shows at the major London galleries and hang in public and private collections including Her Majesty's private rooms in Buckingham Palace and the Government collection in the Palace of Westminster. "Mee's sitters are a phenomenal portfolio of prominent people" Daily Telegraph.

Henry Mee now lives in Hampstead.
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