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Hong Shan, lives in the inner suburbs of Beijing, between massive buildings. He has found, with his friends, an open space in the backyard of a no man’s land that works as his home, a gallery and studio. He is clearly not a mainstream artist and has taken a “post-modern” view of the new China, how infested by western trashy culture.

As someone who was born after the deat
...h of Mao Zedong, Hong Shan is a very good example of the new generation of young artist that feels that their place is being invaded and his work clearly demonstrates his revulsion to the present state of China.

His actual lifestyle, living in the midst of the ongoing chaos of modern Beijing reflects a microcosm of life in new China. People all over the country, live and work in the same place making their “home” a sort of survival space where one can try to shelter from the so called urbanization madness of the cities, with millions being left helpless.

Hong Shan feels abandoned, like most Chinese, as they work day and night to make ends meet, without much to look forward to except his art. He and his art are indeed a true representation of the new China.

In his last Collection he focused on the old Beijing rural area and the on the present devastation of the environment in China, a country where 80% of the population lives off the land.

The Environment , now at least 50% destroyed , has been his enduring passion.

1966 Born in Beijing, PRChina

Presently an independent artist in Beijing, PRChina

1992 He received a degree from the Beijing School of Fine Arts

Pan Jian Yuan, Beijing
Young Art, Shanghai
Beijing Arts Festival, Beijing
Young Bright Minds, Berlin Mitte
Shang Hai Intenational
The Beijing Art , 798
Air, Water and Mountains – Beijing
Sleeping China – Shanghai
Beijing Open Arts

Private Collections
Beijing, Berlin, London, Brussels, New York and Hong Kong and Paris.
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