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For Horace Panter, his musical career with The Specials (a band that went on to become one of the most defining British bands of the 1980s), seems almost to have interrupted another very unique talent.
The interruption came just after studying Fine Art in the 1970s, when he met Jerry Dammers, and together they started a brilliant musical career. It is only now, thirty years
...later, that we have the privilege of viewing what was ultimately his first passion.
Panter’s love of Pop Art collided with the signs and symbols of the American cityscape whilst touring the States with the band. From here, a bold and beautiful series of artworks were born which distil the very essence of the vast cinematic landscapes of the US.
"Coming of age in the 60’s meant that, artistically, I was attracted to the Pop Art movement, and was influenced by artists such as Peter Blake, Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Robert Indiana, Derek Boshier and Allen Jones.
The Americana series explores the myth of America for me. I'm English and the flamboyant signage and brightly coloured buildings are like jewels. I was always impressed by the work of Edward Hopper, his buildings seem very solitary- almost monumental. It's about what's painted but also about what’s been left out. The self-contained myth!"
Panter’s first solo exhibition was in 2009 at London’s Strand Gallery and he has since exhibited throughout the UK, including at the AAF London, The London Art Fair, and The London Print Fair at The Royal Academy. His work has also been exhibited at AAF Singapore and Best of British Singapore. In 2014 he has had solo exhibitions at Reuben Colley Fine Arts (Birmingham), Mandarin Gallery (Singapore - Fred Perry collaboration) and Icon Gallery (Singapore), According to McGee (York), Artists Gallery (Aberdeen), A Month of Sundays (Sheffield), and The White Room (Leamington Spa).
In 2016 his iconic exhibition ‘Cassette versus Vinyl’ was showcased here, in Manchester, at ARTZU Gallery, before touring in the US.
His work has been collected by Cerys Matthews, Nile Rogers, Richard Hawley, Graham Coxon, Tim Armstrong, rock writers Charles Shaar Murray and Garth Cartwright and Hollywood directors David Finkel and Donick Cary.
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