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Iain Faulkner is a British figurative painter, born and raised in Glasgow. Iain graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1996 with a BA (Honours) Degree in Fine Art.

From the onset of Iain Faulkner's professional career, the fashionable and trendy routes of contemporary and conceptual art, adopted by many of his peers, was not an option. Iain chose instead to follow the m
...ore difficult and demanding path of hyper-realistic figurative painting wherein clear, concise yardsticks of competence, draughtsmanship and painterly skills can be measured and judged.

The result of these endeavours during his relatively short career has brought a considerable measure of success; with his last four shows in London and New York selling out. His limited edition prints are equally prized and editions regularly sell out.

Iain Faulkner's paintings are strong and powerful, almost exclusively focusing on male characters, with their back turned, confident and well-dressed. This man is, strictly speaking, Iain Faulkner himself. But it's not quite as it appears. Rather, it is Iain Faulkner as an actor, playing the character that we see in many of his paintings. He cuts a very solitary figure, often alone and contemplative.

These paintings are designed for impact, without the need to rely on narrative. The level of detail of each painting is quite humbling, and can stand up to close scrutiny. The structured lines of glasses, tables and cars are exacting. The replication of nature too is breathtaking; the hazy light of the sun bursts through windows, or dances on the water of a dazzling beach front. And above all this, it is the human subjects that draw your attention.

His characters portray a stillness and introspection. He uses the technique of chiaroscuro, creating a stark contrast between the light source and the often dark tonality found in his painting, reinforcing the emotional detachment of his characters and emphasising their often contemplative, melancholy moments.

As well as paintings, his charcoal drawings are testament to his draughtsmanship; his awareness and acknowledgement of the prime importance of drawing and control of tone and to the peeling back of layers of paint thus revealing an insight into his creative process.
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