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Born on the Isle of Wight, Ian Chadwick graduated from Aberdeen's Gray’s School of Art, in 1994, specializing in sculpture. Chadwick's final artwork, produced for my Degree show in 1994 was deeply concerned with pattern forming, studies of sacred geometry and symmetry and he has kept a key interest into exploring those areas in his artwork throughout his career.

In 1996
...Chadwick pursued his interest in glass and worked in stained glass studios in Scotland. In 2001, he moved to Timperley and spent two years perfecting his glass making technical abilities since when he has developed an extensive portfolio of contemporary glassware, including items such as Glass Bowls, Glass Platters, Wall Art and more recently kiln-formed Glass Vases.

For many years Chadwick has had an interest in sacred geometry and in particular the meditation symbols known as mandalas. Mandalas contain many of the principles important in the esoteric geometry, utilised by craftsmen for centuries in the design of cathedrals and stained glass windows, to give but one example.

This interest is realised in his latest range of work, where he brings the essence of mandalas into the patterns present within each individual handmade piece of glassware. The techniques used are similar to mosaic work, each individual point of colour is an individual piece of glass arranged in a manner which produces a kaleidoscopic, op-art effect. The combination of colours are carefully chosen and designed to complement the pattern that is formed within the glass, although sometimes the colours need to contrast to show off the pattern to its best advantage.

Each piece of work is carefully and laboriously constructed by cold working with the glass, and consequently fired in a kiln. Each piece is then formed utilising a variety of cold working glass techniques, and re-fired up to three more times to ensure each piece achieves the best quality finish, and to enhance the quality of the glassware even further. This complex way with which each piece is handmade also ensures that each piece of glass is a unique work of glass art.
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