Artist Biography - Ian Lawson

Ian Lawson is a Liverpool based artist. His current collection of prints present images of the unseen or unnoticed atmosphere his home town, taking the viewer on a visual tour through the city’s unnamed landmarks and commonplace streets.
Using almost Rothko-like shapes, Lawson attempts to experiment with geometric images, presenting the viewer with photographs that challeng
...e us to decode the subject, as well as view it in a new and innovative way. Lawson’s photographs abstract, and yet still tender in its simplicity; he uses perspective and format to test his subject matter.
Ian Lawson states “My interest in art and in its different forms stems from the experiences I have had from life and the various occupations that I have been involved in. Though I mainly have an interest in painting (oil on canvas is my main medium, landscapes and abstract imagery my subject matter) and photographic art (predominantly landscapes and abstract images), most forms of art garner my interest such as literature, poetry and scriptwriting. The vast cornucopia of other arts are also fascinating, whether they be ceramics, tapestry making or wood carving; these mediums prove to be an inspiration to my compositions.”

“I am currently in the process of organising a project that will be aimed at supporting young and disabled artists, helping them get the recognition they deserve by finding exhibition space and by featuring their compositions on a website.”
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