Artist Biography - Ian Norris

I like to deal with material that is local and with which I am familiar, exploring the figure and the landscape as subjects.

I usually work on the same motif over long periods." - Ian Norris

Ian Norris starts the process of any painting by producing numerous drawings and small paintings from observation. Afterwards, Norris returns to the studio to paint l
...arger works from memory, using the smaller studies as reference. He claims throughout this process, he is trying to express feelings of being present in a place, rather than only the visual aspects of a landscape. Therefore his painting are fused with emotive aspects that Norris renders into abstraction.

As an artist, Norris is interested in the physicality of paint itself. His larger paintings tend to be made of multiple layers of paint to create texture and layers. The progressive build-up of paint combined with the scraping back of whole or partial areas of the paint surface reveal a complex matrix of varying colour, texture and depth which is not unlike the landscape itself.
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