Ian Turnock artwork for sale and artist biography

Ian Turnock's sculpture is inspired by the patterns, designs and structures in nature. It is for this reason that they feel so at home in the natural environment of gardens and outdoor spaces.

One of his main sources of inspiration are the patterns formed by tree branches and leaves silhouetted against the sky at different times of year. Focusing on silhouettes, shadows
... and movement of leaf, branch and light his work explores repetition, balance and symmetry.

Ian's background in graphic design developed his capability and interest in the examination of line, form and pattern whilst a natural affinity to nature provided the subject. He begins his works with photos and sketches, creating intricate and detailed drawings from which he develops organic, abstract and figurative forms.

The final artwork is digitally cut into stainless steel, aluminium, copper, reclaimed steel and plywood, transforming the drawn line into a tangible object. They are usually made in small editions of 5, making them more affordable, yet still exclusive. His sculptures can be free standing or wall mounted and are placed both indoors and outdoors. His work is naturally durable and celebrated in both gardens and homes around the UK.

Ian offers a bespoke service to art consultants, interior designers, architects and garden designers. He works to commission for public, private and corporate clients and collectors and his sculptures have been commissioned by hotels, cruise liners and housing developers and can be seen in Dubai, Switzerland and the United States.

He has exhibited in the National Trust 'Art in the Garden' Exhibition (2016), the RHS Flower Shower in Tatton Park, and in numerous galleries around the UK.
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