Iona Sanders artwork for sale and artist biography

Iona was born in the far west of Cornwall, and has spent most of her life there.

Her early days were spent combing the beaches for treasures, and pressing flowers, which would go on to become the subject matter for her drawings. In her teens she began using pastels to draw seascapes and made pocket money by painting to commission.

She studied history of art, and l
...eft her native Cornwall temporarily to go to university in Bristol. When her children were young, she painted canvases to brighten up their rooms, which led to more commissioned work.

Recently her paintings have explored simplicity (in her otherwise busy domestic life), often paying particular attention to mundane, everyday objects. Her passion is derived from the landscapes that have surrounded her for most of her life, and the sea view which is the predominant feature of her studio.

Her style is free, with a naivity that makes her pieces like a breath of sea air. Her work is mainly ink and acrylic, with the odd splash of an emulsion as a primary backwash.

Whether depicting a favourite tea cup, jar of wild flowers, an old chair, or a wave, each piece exudes a warmth and vibrancy that gives the onlooker an intimate glimpse into Iona’s world.
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