Jack Eagan artwork for sale and artist biography

Makers have a privileged relationship with their material, they are handed an insight into its nature and learn the process of transforming it into something magical.

The reference for all Jack's work is a sense of place, the rhythms, patterns and textures found where the sea meets the land, its a place where he feels, thinks and finds inspiration.

Having always
...lived close to the east coast of the UK, Jack feels a connection, a constant draw to remain close.

Creating a new work feels like he is trying to give life to a stone, distilling the silent presences of a natural object or a place that has taken effect upon him. He looks to strike a balance between an object that has been made by hand and one that has occurred naturally.

Making for Jack is just a different way of thinking and of expressing thoughts and ideas, it precedes meaning and the fear of a creative paralysis. Jack makes things to enjoy and spend time with and to contemplate their origin and admire their beauty.
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