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Working with raw pigment mixed with oil onto canvas, Jackie Philip paints still life's and landscapes with an immediate and direct approach, creating a rich tapestry of colour and luminosity of light.

Her simple subject matter is transformed by the intensity of her colour combinations, often juxtaposing or layering complimentary colours which she describes as creating a
... 'sensory vibration'. Jackie uses transparent glazes of raw pigment applied over the initial oil paint to combine a richness of colour and texture. While the starting point for her painting is a defined subject matter there is a large element of pure colour abstraction in the completed works.

The spontaneity and bravura of brushmarks in Jackie’s work owes something to the Scottish Colourists, but the strongest influence on her painting has been the warm & vibrant colours which she experienced while travelling in S.E Asia.

Born in 1961 in Edinburgh, Jackie Philip studied Fine Art at Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen, at Wimbledon School of Art, London and at The Royal Academy Schools, London from 1978 - 1986. She attained BA 1st Class Honours and MFA.

Becoming a full time artist soon after her graduation she has had a successful career being awarded a number of prizes and scholarships including, Italian Government Scholarship, British Institute Award, Mary Armour Award, RSA Hospitalfield Award/Residency and the Hunting Arts Prize R.C.A. London.

Jackie is still a regular exhibitor at a number of prestigious exhibitions, including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions, London; Royal Glasgow Institute; Royal Scottish Academy and Paisley Art Institute & Visual Arts Scotland and has works in a number of corporate private collections in the UK, Italy, Caribbean, USA, Hong Kong & Australasia.

Jackie has over the years lectured at the Fortman Studios, Florence; BTec Diploma in Art & Design, Newham Community College, London and was Head of Painting, Hungry Creek Art School, New Zealand.
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