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Jake and Dinos Chapman artwork for sale and artist biography

akovos "Jake" (born 1966) and Konstantinos "Dinos" (born 1962) are British visual artists. Better known as the Chapman Brothers, the duo are sculptors, printmakers, and installation artists. Having graduated from the Royal College of Art in London in 1990, their first critical success was Disasters of War (1991).
The duos intention to work collectively was made known in Nove
...mber 1992 through their anti-aesthetic manifesto “We are Artists”. The collective declaration was written on the wall of the Institute of contemporary Arts in London.
Their art works have continued to use the body as a way of exploring an aesthetic of horror. Tragic Anatomies 1996 consists of a group of sexually-mutated child mannequins with genitalia sprouting from unlikely places, naked except for a pair of Nike trainers. This purposeful provocativeness led to accusations of childishness, and even that their work was immoral, illegal, and shouldn't be on display to the general public.
The Chapman Brothers have created a unique oeuvre that draws on vast areas of culture, including art history, philosophy, cybernetics and artificial intelligence. Considered members of the YBA'a, the Chapman Brothers work was often proudly tasteless and the brothers seemed admit to explore the topics which would cause offence, relishing the controversy and using it is as a means of self-promotion.
Their subject matter tries to be deliberately shocking, including, in 2008, a series of works that appropriated original watercolours by Adolf Hitler. In working with Hitler’s watercolours, the Chapman Brothers investigated the notion that a work of art can reveal something about a person, and why then the presence of foreboding evil is in no way represented in Hitler’s paintings.
The collectives subversive wit and black humour is paired with the craftsmanship and painstaking labour evident in their execution. They are expert draftsman, engravers, model-makers and wood carvers.
Over the past two decades, the Chapman brothers have succeeded in creating one of the most distinctive artistic characters in contemporary art. Their tableaux of twentieth-century ruin take on everything from the fast-food industry to our culture’s preoccupation with war and violence.
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