James Bonstow artwork for sale and artist biography

James is a self-taught artist, inspired by his love of the River Dart and woodlands he has walked all his life. In fact James family connection with the area goes back many generations to a time when his great, great, grandfather worked on the Dart as a shipwright.

At the age of 16 James commenced on a career in antiques, which spanned the next 20 years. Alongside this J
...ames always sketched and painted for his own pleasure. Following a visit from a relative, early in 2012, suggesting James submit paintings into a summer art show, in Kingsbridge, resulted in a sell out success for him. The decision to follow his passion to paint on a full time basis was sealed once he visited the Mayne Gallery.

Whilst watercolour has lost favour for many artists, for James it is the perfect medium for his work - creating organic shapes and fluid movement which captures the effects of light on water and through the trees. He frequently goes out into the landscape to get inspiration - visiting places he loves to be, especially in the quiet of the early mornings and the solitude that comes in the late evenings - whatever the weather there is always something to capture his eye.
James lives and paints original art in a one bedroomed apartment, with his sitting room as his studio.
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