James Portsmouth artwork for sale and artist biography

James Portsmouth specialises in surreal yet contemporary steel sculpture for private and corporate clients across the globe.

From becoming engrossed in metalwork at a young age, James went on to study the ancient craft of blacksmithing and architectural metalwork at the Hereford College of Arts.

His works are figurative and heavily inspired by nature and the fragi
...lity of life. James is fascinated by the constant change of life and the erosion of objects caused by the force of time changing and pulling apart objects and beings from within and without.

His works are rarely finished, utilizing the use of negative space. This is to juxtapose fragmentary with finished product, the idea is that the viewer has to engage with the sculpture and use their imagination to put together the missing pieces in their own mind.

James is constantly innovating in his technique and his latest works command attention and provide drama wherever they are exhibited.

His pieces have been displayed at galleries across the UK and his sculptures are in the homes of private collectors from Seattle to Switzerland.
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