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After graduating, British artist Janet Gough set up Hampshire Theatrical Wardrobe, a costume restoration and hire business, which involved teaching textiles and liaising with theatrical companies.
Moving on to develop her own company designing textiles, her work was sold for the fashion market in USA and Japan. Her own collection of multi-coloured hand-knitted sweaters and
...accessories where exhibited through The Country Living Fair and The Chelsea Craft Fair. This progressed to her work being selected by the British Craft Council for exhibition in New York and San Francisco.
Gough practice in textiles gradually shifted from cardigans to canvas, as she started to translate the passion for her wearable art, into a passion for painting. The strong design element of her work is influences by her years of success in the Textiles Industry. For Gough, the process of handcrafting a garment is no different from constructing a painting.
Gough's technical knowledge of painting has resulted in a new found focus on producing large abstract sheets of energised pure colour. These are used as a base for which she adds collage elements of birds, fish, fruit and leaves, all elements from nature. For added texture, the artist uses a variety of unconventional materials including beads, sweet wrappers, string and silver leaf in her paintings, stating that she uses whatever the work asks her for.
Through her most recent work, she has attempted to ‘capture the essence of the moment’. "When from the corner of my eye I capture something that visually excites me, and I want to try to preserve the energy of this moment through painting. Sometimes I paint a little memory. Stumbled upon through the scent of a colour, the thread of a scrap of fabric, the fragment of a day out. A few past moments retained like snapshots create a visual narrative in paint……stories. Sometimes my paintings are collages of moments where I play with real representative collage. I preserve a memory (watercolour on tissue paper) responding with this media to the fragile nature of the subject, which I seal with layers of varnish into a still life. If I’m listening to music the lyrics sometimes link subconsciously into pieces of my work and eventually become entangled in the paint on the canvas."
Gough tries to find beauty in the small everyday moments of life. She often studies the work of Matisse, Picasso and read Hockney, whose personal perspective lifts her spirits and gives her influence for her own work. As well as studying the masters, her work is inspired by walks through the woods, where she finds herself in harmony with the untamed visual language of natures haphazard growth.
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