Janne Parviainen artwork for sale and artist biography

Using coloured strobes, flashlights, and other light sources, he creates beautiful long-exposure paintings of skeletons and ghostly ‘light creatures’.

Parviainen is also an accomplished painter, who seamlessly combines oil colour, metal leaf and permanent marker, with old glass windows as his canvas. His unique style is instantly recognisable and highly sought after.
Janne has been teaching drawing light art and oil color painting for 10 years in various schools in the Helsinki region.

Parviainen has participated in exhibitions, light installations, light art work shops, performances, music videos and commercial work as a solo artist and with the Finnish art collective Valopaja he is part of.

Urbane Art Gallery is currently the only gallery to represent him worldwide. In 2015 he was selected by the UNESCO to represent the 'Year of Light' to celebrate this event, the gallery organised an exhibition and artist talk which was supported by Retina, the International Scottish Photography Festival and the Dundee International Science Festival.
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