Javier Molina artwork for sale and artist biography

Javier Molina's photography covers a range of styles and thematic approaches. But he regularly returns to Landscape photography fascinated by the transient nature in which landscape affects us - both reflecting and setting moods.
Artist Statement:
With the popularity of digital photography, everyone can now be a photographer, or rather take photographs. There is nothing o
...n this earth that has not been photographed. But not every photograph is a good photograph, much less art. What lifts photography to the level of art is the effort of the photographer to interpret reality, and not with ready made apps or action scripts. We cannot be forced by the tool, the instrument of our expression. It is absolutely essential to control that tool.
I have followed Alfred Stieglitz's motto: "It is not what I see but how I see it". Therein the difference. Post processing is for me essential to give each photo the "how I see it" part of the saying above.
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