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Javier Mulio was born December 24 1957 in Alcoy, Alicante in Spain. Mulio was brought up within the artistic community of Alcoy and attend the School of Mila Gomez from 1973 to 1976 after starting painting at the tender age of fourteen.

At the age of eighteen he began his formal training in art and studied under the Spanish artist and teacher Mila Gomez. It was under Go
...mez guidance he received a Fourth Degree Certificate for his talent, as well as developing his signature style.

His unique style and technique blend his passion for photography with the styles he learned under the Classic Master Zurbaran. Javier notes his admiration for the work of Salvador Dali, which has inspired him to explore the possibilities of art. Mulio has an almost hyper-realist style of painting, focusing on simple still life compositions of glass, fruit and liquid with exquisite lighting in uncomplicated surroundings.

Javier’s favoured subject is still life. Due to the number of artists in his home city, and the special relationship he had with some of them, he began to paint at the age of fourteen. The quality of his work in oil paint speaks for itself and is reflected in the unprecedented way they are collected. The artist describes his style as “hyper realism” and these exquisite paintings are in constant demand.

The artists work was introduced to the United States and he has since celebrated exhibitions in San Francisco, New York, Washington D.C, St. Augustine and Atlanta. This success in the US led to the artist being featured in the prestigious Shanghai Art Fair in 2011.

The artists work is now apart of major collectors art collections worldwide from a Saudi Prince to corporate executives in Saudi Arabia, Japan, Jakata, Bahrain, Holland the United States.
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