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Jay Nottingham was born in Bedfordshire in 1972 and from an early age has followed in the footsteps of his artistic family. His Grandfather and Great Grandfather were both artists, so colour and design have surrounded him throughout his life. It seems unsurprising that it was only a matter of time before Jay followed in their footsteps and developed a career as an artist. Jay i...s a self taught artist and has developed his own technique and subjects to paint.

From his atmospheric marine studies to his impasto style landscape works created with a palette knife, his paintings have a three dimensional effect.

Renowned for his versatility as an artist, Jays subjects vary from bright woodland scenes full of texture and colour to hauntingly subtle moonlit beaches. The artists practice demonstrates his ability to master a wide range of technical styles while maintaining his unique artistic identity. He specialises in oil paintings and combines the use of a palette knife for bold, thick sections of paint with delicate brushwork, achieving pieces full of texture and vibrant colour. Jay's vibrant style is characteristic of his landscapes, combining beautifully with the subtle grey and blue tones of the skies.

Jay Nottingham now lives in South Wales with his family painting as a full time artist. His growth as an artist continues to flourish as he continues to trains his technique and develops his unique style.

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