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Jean Dubuffet disliked authority from a very early age. He left home at 17, failed to complete his art education, and wavered for many years between painting and working in his father's wine business. He would later be a successful propagandist, gaining notoriety for his attacks on conformism and mainstream culture, which he described as "asphyxiating."

Jean Dubuffet rej
...ected artistic traditions. He strove to create a unique visual language with which to portray the everyday world. One of the most important early theorists and collectors of “art brut,” Dubuffet was a major force in the recognition and appreciation of outsider art. Naive and unconventional visions of reality influenced the development of his own singularly personal style and imagery. He explored and experimented with many printmaking techniques throughout his career, most notably silkscreen and lithography.

Dubuffet was launched to success with a series of exhibitions that opposed the prevailing mood of post-war Paris and consequently sparked enormous scandal. While the public looked for a redemptive art and a restoration of old values, Dubuffet confronted them with childlike images that satirized the conventional genres of high art. And while the public looked for beauty, he gave them pictures with coarse textures and drab colors, which critics likened to dirt and excrement.

Dubuffet has been the subject of numerous museum and gallery exhibitions, and his work is included in important public and private collections worldwide. His personal collection of outsider art was the foundation of the Collection de l’Art Brut in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Jean Dubuffet’s editions were always closely related to his paintings and sculptures. They reflect the various manifestations of his iconography, including his L’Hourloupe and Théâtre de Memoire periods. Intrigued with process, Dubuffet was an incredible innovator, and experimented with inventive media applications, including traditional screenprinting techniques and groundbreaking applications on paper, silk, and canvas. His dedication to printmaking pushed the medium to become a vital playground for artistic creativity.
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