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His roots are ingrained at the beginning of the Traditional Region of Shandong, a region that has had a legendary influence on the culture of China and the world. This is a region that holds a long tradition of continuous cultivation of beautiful forms and texture, the constant search for the aesthetic form that will please the eyes, mind and the spirit.

His art is very
...much based on traditional Chinese methods, using watercolour and ancient Chinese Proverbs, as a way of representing his art.

In his later work, he has focused on the intimacy between woman and nature. It is a very close relationship whereby the Chinese believe woman to be represented by Yin and the holder of water, where nature is stronger and more complete.

This relationship has led to a vast number of legends and stories on the “nature of woman” or, as we have heard in the west, of Mother Nature. It goes deeper in Jiang Chao’s art, revealing in his very elegant way the “nature of woman” in her numerous delicate forms and on an exquisite canvas. One familiar with Chinese roots would know the prevalent influence of nature in art, culture and way of life ….. Jiang Chao is no exception.

1958 Born in Jinan, Shandong – PRC China

1996 Jinan Art
1998 Hol Hot University Museum
2000/2001 Beijing Folklore Art

Beijing Fine Arts 2003
Fine Traditional Art Shanghai
Shandong , Fine Arts International
The Beijing , 798 Art Fair
Prize Winner Shandong Traditional Chinese
Shandong Chinese Art
Shandong International
Beijing 798
Water Colours Review – Solo – Shanghai
Jinan Art and Traditions – Jinan , Shandong

Private Collectors:
Paris, Den Haag, Geneva, London, Singapore, Berlin and New York.
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