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Born Malaysia 1966, JJ Morgan soon moved to the UK and following a BA in sculpture at London’s City & Guilds Art School, JJ Morgan returned to complete an MA in Painting in 2014. At College she was awarded the overall prize for sculpture (2010) as well as the Fishmongers' Beckwith Scholarship and the Tussauds Project Fund Award.

In her painting she is drawn to limina
...l (in-between) or transformative states. There exists a threshold between abstraction and representation; narrative and no narrative; illusions of 3D space and flatness.

Colour investigation plays a key role in her work which explores its visceral power to create meaning beyond word or image and its ability to reinforce big existential themes about the nature of paradox and the interplay between hope and hopelessness.

Sources of inspiration can be found in nature (as in her Mayflies Series) or in lived experience when we're forced by circumstance to let go of everything we thought was certain and enter a kind of limbo; of being neither one thing nor the other. The ambiguity that emerges is integral to her painting and underlines life's fragility - raising questions about what it means to be alive; what can we rely on and what must we let go.

In JJ Morgan’s most recent cycle of work, The Rock Series, a dystopian world emerges - part abstract and part representational - where architectural structures are set against rock-like organic forms. Flat blocks of colour and ambiguous shapes create interesting interplays full of texture and raw emotion.


  • Awarded Fishmongers’ Beckwith Scholarship
  • The Tussauds’ Project Fund Award
  • The Tussauds’ 2010 Sculpture Prize
Selected Group Exhibitions:

  • 'Sensibilities of Belonging', Group Exhibition by NoonPowell Gallery, Mall Galleries, London
  • 2018: NoonPowell Fine Art, Little Venice, London; Abode
  • 2017: 286 Gallery, London W6; Transitional States
  • 2016: Serena Morton Gallery, London W10; Make Me Believe
  • 2015: Hang at The Greyhound Hotel, Stockbridge; The Mayflies Series
  • 2014: Art Gemini Shortlist Show, London

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