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A talented artist in his youth, John Evans returned to painting in 1981 under the guidance of Peter Coate, RWA, whose motto was ‘paint what you see’.

Artist statement:

I found that I could not always capture everything that I saw in a traditional format, so I began to explore different art styles and became fascinated by medieval painters, who didn't understand p
...erspective, and wanted to depict an event in history, capturing as much information as possible. This meant that figures, buildings and landscapes were out of proportion to each other, but captured the whole event in a single picture. I then chose to work with what could be termed as "two horizons". I also change the proportions so that everything I consider relevant fits into the picture, regardless of perspective. I don't always work this way, only when I feel the subject is suitable.

Originally from Coventry, John is now based in the West Country, and has exhibited at the RWA, Bristol.

John has become a sought after painter and his work is in many collections, including the Permanent Collection, Palace of Westminster, and also in Canada, Germany, Japan and the USA.
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