Artist Biography - John Petch

John Petch, born in Liverpool now living in Cheshire, trained to teach art in Liverpool, working in a number of local schools. He says:

“My work investigates the relationship between line and space. Challenging how the brain perceives and makes sense of the difference between what is understood and unfamiliar. I began painting in the mid 1960s moving from Op Art to G
...eometrical Abstraction being inspired by geometric imagery and pattern. My paintings invite the viewer to be drawn into a conversation from a simple statement of pattern to the relationship between art and mathematical special awareness.”

“I am currently exploring the relationship between line and shape in the environment particularly buildings and the spaces between.”
How shape and line in buildings relate to each other, how old and innovative structures sit together, with spaces of sky, how light reflects and interacts with the viewer’s perspective and position to capture tonal changes. All aspects that Petch considers within his paintings. The artist also explores vibrant urban landscape full of energy and mood. Paintings combine hard-edge abstraction stripping non essential detail with contextual figurative representation. Visual art, architecture and relationship of line married in a one image.
Since retiring from teaching in 2011, the artist has continued as a successful artist - exhibiting regularly, represented by galleries and at art fairs, as well as being regularly commissioned.

Limited edition prints are also available in larger sizes, please call 0345 017 6660 for more details.
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